SurPro S2X Drywall Stilts

Drywall Stilts don’t get any better. The apex of stilts and our most feature-rich drywall stilts to date. The entire design of S2X is founded around two main principals; Reduce fatigue and increase performance; maximize comfort and elevate the working experience. Exclusive to S2X are the all-new Rocker Leg Bands and height-adjustable double side poles. The leg bands rock back-and-forth as your legs move to eliminate resistance, while 360 degrees of comfort secure your calves exactly where you want it. Coupled with the Flexion Foot System, these stilts set the new benchmark in natural walking feel.

S2X Mag Stilts 26"-40" shown at minimum and maximum heights


SurPro S2X stilts are height adjustable in 2 inch increments from the minimum height to maximum height. The S2X is offered in two height adjustable sizes for 2022: 21"-31" and 26"-40" (as shown). Limited editions are currently available with our lightweight Magnesium frames.

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