SurPro Performer Stilts

Engineered and designed for the entertainment industry. SurPro Performer Stilts are the most advanced entertainer stilts to date. The goal was to provide end users with a more natural walking feel and maximum control over their forward and backward movement. Reduce fatigue and increase stamina; maximize comfort and elevate the user experience. Exclusive to Performer are the all-new Rocker Leg Bands with Double Clasp Velcro Straps and height-adjustable double side poles. The leg bands rock back-and-forth as your legs move to eliminate resistance, while 360 degrees of comfort secure your calves exactly where you want it. Coupled with the Dual Action Braces and Flexion 2.0 Foot System, these stilts set the new benchmark in natural walking and range of motion in the entertainment stilt class.

Performer Stilts for Entertainers and Stilt Walkers

An entertainer's dream.

SurPro Performer Stilts are designed specifically for professional performance artists and entertainers.  Enjoy a higher degree of natural movement with less restrictions to forward and backward lean.  Move the way you want, with increased confidence and less restriction.

Available in two fixed-height models: 30” and 36”.

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