SurPro S1 Drywall Stilts

The Original Drywall Stilts, modernized. The superiority of these traditional drywall stilts are best illustrated in the field, after miles of comfort and years of dependability. These commercial grade stilts are the go-to for contractors looking for a safer, more comfortable, and efficient way to work tall. From top to bottom, you'll enjoy exclusive features like our flexible wraparound leg bands that won't cut into your calves, and our key and lock "no-twist" side poles that won't waste your time with constant adjustments. Our double wing bolts keep our stilts tight and secure at any height and add an extra layer of safety. Take a big step above industry standard with the S1.

26"-40" Drywall Stilts shown at minimum and maximum height


SurPro S1 stilts are height adjustable in 2 inch increments from the minimum height to maximum height. The S1 is now offered in three new height adjustable sizes for 2022: 16"-24", 20"-30" and 26"-40" (as shown). Limited editions are currently available with our lightweight Magnesium frames.

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S1X Magnesium Stilts showing close up of Flexion Foot

Take it a step farther with the NEW S1X.

All-new for 2022, the S1X with Flexion Foot System gives you everything the S1 has to offer plus adds a little spring to your step. Experience a more natural walking feel with the best in stilts articulation.

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