We make high-performance drywall stilts for professional drywall contractors that demand safety and love comfort.
SurPro is focused on safety first when it comes to drywall stilts


SurPro is tireless when it comes to safety. From our engineering and design to our selection of materials and quality controlled manufacturing, SurPro is always focused on producing the safest stilts possible. We do not spare expenses or cut corners in our product development or liability insurance. Our stilts have been in the proving grounds - on residential and commercial job sites - for over 25 years. Our safety first focus is why we stand strong today.

SurPro Stilts is powered by our passion for drywall stilts


Our passion for high-performance stilts has continued for more than 25 years. We share this devotion with users worldwide. Our products make working tall safer and easier for the professional tradespeople – and help them achieve more. Like our customers, we are specialists, and we are thoughtful when delivering innovations that improve the safety, comfort and performance of our users.  With several patents under our belt, and the highest rated stilts in the industry, we continue to elevate for our customers. Above all, the satisfied professionals that trust SurPro are the true testament to our innovative success.

Our drywall stilts company is fueled by innovation


Our willingness to innovate and improve the experience for our users never runs dry. We implement solutions that benefit the daily lives of our customers. Innovations that provide peace of mind, improved performance, and a better work-life balance. At the end of a hard day's work, we believe our customers should still have a little fuel in the tank. Their bodies should experience less stress. Their products should hold up to the challenges of the tasks at hand. From the top down, our stilts contain qualities that cannot be found without decades of innovation.

Drywall contractor on SurPro S1X magnesium Drywall Stilts


The authority on drywall stilts since 1996


We didn’t become the name in stilts overnight. Much thanks is due to the countless drywall contractors around the world that have chosen us for over two and a half decades.  When we released our first pair of stilts back in 1996, we knew we had something good, but only time would tell if our innovations would be enough to build a legacy. Thankfully, drywaller’s shared our passion for flagship products, and provided us an opportunity to serve them with high quality, professional grade stilts.  We registered Stilts.com in 1997 and have been launching new innovations that enhance the user’s experience ever since. Focusing on safety, comfort and performance has been good to us.


We crafted the original Sur-Stilt in 1996. We've been innovating stilt technology ever since. After 25 years we get just as excited about every new stilt we make, especially our new line of drywall stilts.

The whole gang is here. Our family is proud to call SurPro our home away from home. After two and a half decades, we've grown up in the world of stilts. We take the responsibilities of elevated walking devices very seriously, and have thousands upon thousands of hours walking on our own products. We are proud to offer a safe and reliable product to the people we also call family - our customers.

It's true what they say, "everything is bigger in Texas". Or in our case, taller. Our corporate headquarters is located in Houston, Texas. Most of the work happens here in Houston - warehousing, research and development, product design, customer service and a whole lot more. In an effort to serve our customers better, we also have global manufacturing facilities in China and Taiwan, whereas the bulk of our sales and technical support team are located throughout the United States and Canada.  You can find SurPro products and fans in every country.

With safety as our primary goal, we set out to design the most stable and well-balanced drywall stilts ever. Our first-generation double-sided stilts hit the market in late '90s, and they've been our best sellers ever since. Our latest S2 & S2X stilts carry on the tradition and reign supreme as the ultimate stilts for contractors today.

Sur, pronounced similar to Big Sur, surface or surplus, is a French word that means super, or superior. Pro is simply the abbreviation for professional - and the bulk of our end users.