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SurPro S2X Magnesium Drywall Stilts

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Side Poles

SurPro set the bar and then broke it with the invention of double-sided drywall stilts. The new SurPro S2X Stilts are the apex in drywall stilts. Maximize everyday performance by further elevating your comfort and stability. Better balance and comfort equate to less fatigue, and S2X does it best. Step up to the most technologically advanced drywall stilts in the world. Reach new heights with telescoping height models ranging from a minimum of 21”, to a maximum of 40”.  New Rocker Leg Bands utilize our popular Comfort Wraparound system with the added benefit of rocking forward and backward with your legs, thus reducing resistance and increasing comfort. Plus, they can be easily raised and lowered to adjust to your desired calf height and size. Exclusive Flexion Foot System provides unparalleled articulation and a more natural walking feel during lift, which is 40-60% of the walking motion. With magnesium being 33% lighter than aluminum, these magnesium frames reduce weight while providing great durability.  Double the wing bolts for added safety and overall stability. Exclusive Interlock Enhanced Safety System for safety redundancy. Industrial non-marking, superior grip soles on all models. 225 lb. Max. Load (per pair).

  • New Rocker Leg Bands - Leg bands rock forward and backward with your legs to reduce resistance and increase comfort. 
  •  New Flexion Foot System with compression spring for a more natural walking motion during lift.
  • Extra-strength, lightest weight Magnesium stilt body - hex-shaped design has proven a lifetime of dependability among daily users.
  • Double side poles that will not twist or require constant adjustment due to our square tubing design. All ranges of height adjustment.  And maximum stabilization for the best balance, security, and reduced fatigue.
  • The most personalized fit - Fully adjustable stilt height, side pole calf height, and positioning, footbed length, forward and backward lean tension, and strap positioning.
  • Auto-Locking, Non-Slip, premium cotton webbed leg, ankle, and toes straps for a comfy secure fit.
  • Industries largest footplates for a stable stance and better balance.
  • Double wing bolts, front and back, for added security, when up high, and increased internal parts longevity. 
  • Safety First - Patented Interlock Safety System that adds redundancy at all crucial safety points.
  • Non-slip SurPro Super Grip soles designed for commercial and residential job site environments


Available in a variety of height-adjustable sizes:

S2X-M-2131 21"-31"
S2X-M-2640 26"-40"


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The most feature-rich drywall stilts to date.


Introducing the New Rocker Leg Bands, and exclusive feature for SurPro S2X stilts. Maximize your comfort and reduce stress to your upper shins and calves. Eliminate just enough resistance to increase your comfort and reduce stress on the body. As your legs move these leg bands move with you and work for you, not againsts you. Experience 360 degrees of comfort and achieve the best mobility available.


The new Flexion Foot System is exclusive to our "X" models, the S1X and S2X stilts. By reimagining and reinventing our floor plate system we were able to achieve a more natural walking feel for the stilt walker. The ability to pivot the front portion of the foot plate allows for dorsiflexion (upward) and plantar flexion (downward) range of motion keeps more surface on the ground. Increase traction and enhance lift while achieving a more fluid walking experience with Flexion.

Maximize stability and balance and reduce fatigue our dual side pole design. Easy calf height adjustment for personalize fitment. Square tubing does not allow for spinning and twisting of side poles. 

Remove wing bolts to adjust height. We include 2X the amount of Wing Bolts than the competition for added safety and redundancy. The extra secure connection also reduces wear on internal parts for increased longevity.

Enhanced safety where other brands lack. Our side poles will not fly-free, slide down, or come loose. Our Interlock system ensures your poles stay locked in place and keep you safe.

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