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SurPro Stilts can be found at your local distributor using our "Locate A Dealer Near You" tool or on the product page. Visiting a local Dealer allows you the opportunity to try on the stilts, test sizes, and compare models.


The positioning of your Wing Bolts will determine the height of your stilts. To adjust the height of your stilts, first remove all of your Wing Bolts. Each stilt will contain 4 Wing Bolts (though smaller sizes, like 15"-23" will only contain 2 Wing Bolts per stilt). Next, slide the Inner Extension Tube to the desired height and align the holes. Reinstall Wing Bolts and secure.  

Remove and reinstall Wing bolts to adjust stilt height

Caution: Do not pull the Inner Extension Tube mast the "Max. Height" engraving, or force the Inner Extension Tube out of the Main Leg Strut. A plastic sleeve and tab is present to prevent this from happening, but excessive force will damage the plastic sleeve. 

Both the upper and lower main body springs can be adjusted to effect spring tension. The upper spring controls forward motion, whereas the lower spring controls backward motion. 

To correct a tendency to lean forward, tighten the Upper Spring Adjuster (A) to increase tension on the spring (Turn clockwise to tighten). 

To correct a tendency to lean backward, tighten the Lower Spring Adjuster (B) to increase tension on the spring (Turn clockwise to tighten). 

Caution: Always check that all bolts and screws have been tightened after making adjustments and prior to every use. 

Warnings & Safety

SurPro Stilts are professional grade stilts intended and manufactured for commercial use in the construction trades (drywall, insulation, electrical, paint, general construction, etc.) only. Our stilts, unless otherwise noted, are NOT to be used for recreation, as a performance prop, or by children. Unintended use is prohibited.

ALWAYS inspect stilts before use. Ensure stilts are assembled properly, inspect all components for damage (and replace parts when needed), ensure all connections are safe and secure. Stilts require regular maintenance as parts and components wear over time. Use only proper Genuine SurPro parts and spare part kits when needed.  

SurPro stilts are designed for a maximum combined user weight (including tools, clothing, boots, safety equipment, materials, and any other items) of 225 lbs. This weight limit should not be exceeded.