1. SurPro S1 Aluminum Drywall Stilts
  2. SurPro S1 Aluminum Drywall Stilts front view
  3. SurPro S1 Aluminum Drywall Stilts third view front
  4. SurPro S1 Aluminum Drywall Stilts outside side view
  5. SurPro S1 Aluminum Drywall Stilts closeup
  6. SurPro S1 Aluminum Drywall Stilts rear view
  7. SurPro S1 Aluminum Drywall Stilts rear view closeup
  8. SurPro S1 Aluminum Drywall Stilts inside side view
  9. How to stand up drywall stilts
  10. Drywall Stilts fully extended height
  11. Comfortable Drywall Stilts leg bands
  12. Drywall Stilts leg poles that don't twist
  13. SurPro S1 Aluminum Drywall Stilts 16"-24"
  14. SurPro S1 Aluminum Drywall Stilts 20"-30"
  15. SurPro S1 Aluminum Drywall Stilts 26"-40"

SurPro S1 Aluminum Drywall Stilts

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Side Poles

Traditional style with modern advancements in safety, comfort, and performance.  Although the S1 Aluminum Stilts are SurPro's entry-level stilts, they are a huge step up from industry standard and leave the competition following their lead.  

Feature Highlights:

  • Extra-strength, lightweight Aluminum stilt body - hex-shaped design has proven a lifetime of dependability among daily users.
  • Single side poles that will not twist or require constant adjustment due to our exclusive Key & Lock design - 3 positions of rotation adjustment, and all ranges of height adjustment.
  • The most personalized fit - Fully adjustable stilt height, side pole calf height and positioning, footbed length, forward and backward lean tension, and strap positioning. 
  • Comfy Wraparound Leg Bands made of durable nylon that molds to your calves and flexes with your movement. Bands are wrapped in cordura and padding is covered in perforated nylon for added wicking. 
  • Auto-Locking, Non-Slip, premium cotton webbed leg, ankle, and toes straps for a comfy secure fit.
  • Industries largest footplates for a stable stance and better balance.
  • Double wing bolts, front and back, for added security, when up high, and increased internal parts longevity. All sizes, except 16"-24".
  • Safety First - Patented Interlock Safety System that adds redundancy at all crucial safety points.
  • Non-slip SurPro Super Grip soles designed for commercial and residential job site environments.

Available in a variety of height-adjustable sizes:

S1-A-1624 16"-24"
S1-A-2030 20"-30"
S1-A-2640 26"-40"


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S1 Features

Enjoy durable, yet flexible, nylon leg bands with premium padding wrapped in sweat-wicking material and finished in durable cordura.

Our patented key & lock design is an exclusive feature that puts an end to side pole twisting and the time waisting nuisance of constant adjustment. Set them and forget them.

The contoured top edge of our heel cups make getting in and out easy, while the high-back design keeps from popping out. No matter the foot, one size fits all due to our easy 3 positions of adjustment. The security of a high top boot with the easy of a slipper.

After 25 years, we've found that using premium webbed cotton straps instead of cheap nylon is the best way to keep buckles from slipping. Stand your ground and stay locked in place.

Wing Bolts and the extrusions they rest in are the only thing keeping your stilts at the desired height. Our double wing bolt design provides peace of mind and added safety when working tall. To adjust your height, simply remove the wing bolts, reposition and secure. Double wing bolts are not available in sizes 16"-24", but are standard on all other sizes.

SurPro Super Grip Soles are bi-directional, durable and easily replaceable. Specifically designed for stilts, these soles will provide sure footing when traversing the work site environment. Always keep your soles clean and your walking around clear and free of debris.