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SurPro X Model Stilts

Introducing the pinnacle of drywall stilts: SurPro X Model Stilts. Engineered with the latest innovations, these stilts redefine the standards for professional contractors, prioritizing safety, comfort, and performance like never before. Developed to instill confidence and enhance safety during stilt walking, the SurPro X models are designed to maximize comfort and endurance for users, ensuring a superior experience with every step.

Available in single-sided (S1X) or double-sided (S2X) configurations, the X models represent the epitome of stilt innovation, meeting the demanding performance requirements of professional drywall contractors. Whether opting for the lightweight, high-performance Magnesium Stilts or the traditional, heavy-duty Aluminum Stilts, the X models offer unparalleled features and advantages.

Discover more about SurPro X Model stilts by exploring the detailed product pages on our website or reaching out to an Authorized SurPro Stilts Dealer in your area. Elevate your stilt-walking experience with SurPro X Model Stilts today.


SurPro S1X Drywall Stilts





SurPro S2X Drywall Stilts