1. SurPro S1 Magnesium lightweight drywall stilts
  2. SurPro S1 Magnesium Drywall Stilts
  3. SurPro S1 Mag Drywall Stilts
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SurPro S1 Magnesium Drywall Stilts

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Side Poles

Traditional style with modern advancements in safety, comfort, and performance.  With magnesium being 33% lighter than aluminum, the stilt bodies on the S1 Magnesium Stilts reduce weight without sacrificing safety. Step above industry standard, save a little weight, and get the most popular single-sided stilts in the industry. 

Feature Highlights:

  • Extra-strength, lightest weight Magnesium stilt body - hex-shaped design has proven a lifetime of dependability among daily users.
  • Single side poles that will not twist or require constant adjustment due to our exclusive Key & Lock design - 3 positions of rotation adjustment, and all ranges of height adjustment
  • The most personalized fit - Fully adjustable stilt height, side pole calf height and positioning, footbed length, forward and backward lean tension, and strap positioning.
  • Comfy Wraparound Leg Bands made of durable nylon that molds to your calves and flexes with your movement. Bands are wrapped in cordura and padding is covered in perforated nylon for added wicking. 
  • Auto-Locking, Non-Slip, premium cotton webbed leg, ankle, and toes straps for a comfy secure fit.
  • Industries largest footplates for a stable stance and better balance.
  • Double wing bolts, front and back, for added security, when up high, and increased internal parts longevity.
  • Safety First - Patented Interlock Safety System that adds redundancy at all crucial safety points.
  • Non-slip SurPro Super Grip soles designed for commercial and residential job site environments

Available in a variety of height-adjustable sizes:

S1-M-1624 16"-24"
S1-M-2030 20"-30"
S1-M-2640 26"-40"


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